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Almost as good as a bottle of Southern Comfort

Like group therapy, or something

Thursday night, party of pity
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This is a community for Supernatural fans who do not live in America or do not have access to a television in the States to come huddle with other similar fans and whine about their friends-lists filling up with squee. It is not an excuse to bash American fans - it's their show, after all.

Every Thursday two posts will be created by the moderator - one for people who wish to remain spoiler-free until the torrents are released, and another for spoiler-junkies who read all the Americans' episode reaction posts. Members can spam the comments of these two posts as much as they wish, with anything they wish - fic, fanart, random friending requests, whatever. This community is both Wincest and RPS friendly. The rules are:

  • No character/'ship bashing
  • No nationality bashing - while obviously some countries have friendly rivalries with each other, don't let it go out of hand. It's okay to make jokes, within a reasonable limit. It's not okay to be outright rude.
  • Be polite to all other members - no flaming, trolling, bashing, name-calling, whatever.
  • No referring to any livejournal-based filesharing comms by name. If a person wants to know where to go to download the episode, they should provide their email address for members to email them the information.
  • No spoiling people in the non-spoilery post, and please refrain from spoiling for future episodes in the spoilery post without a warning and the <font color="white">*spoiler*</font> tags.

    Any comments which break these rules will be deleted and the poster given a warning. With the rule about file-sharing communities, your comment will be screencapped and emailed to the moderators of the community you named as proof of a violation of their rules, and you may be suspended from that community too. You only get one warning before the moderator bans you, and whining about it won't help. Consider yourself warned.

    When the torrent surfaces sometime on Friday, members are allowed to link to said torrent. They may also share links to episodes they have uploaded themselves to public file-sharing sites, as long as they agree to delete these links by Saturday 12pm GMT.

    Anonymous comments are disabled and all IP addresses are logged.

    - nymeria, your mod. If you have any questions, please get in contact with me at nymeria at livejournal dot com.